Reasons to Tinder When Home for the Holidays

When you’re home for the holidays, you might find yourself getting a little bored. You’re far from your friends and all your favorite bars. Your fuck buddies are miles and miles away. And while you’re grateful for Mom’s cooking and Dad’s company, you kinda wish that you were out to dinner with your friends getting pumped for a night out.

Even though the holidays are for family time, you might feel like you need an escape. Well thank god for smart phones am I right? In between Snapchatting and sending texts in your homie’s group message you might want to take a peak and see what’s on Tinder and other location based dating apps.

Why? Well, what a perfect way to escape from your family when your dad brings up politics? Here are a few reasons to Tinder when you’re at home for the holidays

1. Holiday Hook-ups
Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a seemingly random spike in sex-drive. So if you’re looking to stuff someone’s stocking, or vise versa, you need to get swiping. The easiest way to get laid during the holidays is to hop on a dating app because it’s not like your old high school fuck buddy would still be down anyway.

If feel like you need an escape from your family and would rather spend it in some cute company, I would start swiping away. It’s usually pretty easy to slip out unnoticed after your parents hit the hay or under the guise of seeing a friend from high school.

The only foreseeable hiccup could be location. With both you and your holiday hook-up likely staying at your respective parents’ house you might need to improvise. Nothing like banging in the back of your car to bring back old, deeply repressed memories from high school.

2. Creeping old High School Friends
There are few things more rewarding than seeing how much weight people in your graduating class have gained. If you’re feeling some serious seasonal depression, get on Tinder and swipe around until you find someone you went to high school with.

I promise that your mood will skyrocket into sheer blissfulness once you see how that one bitchy cheerleader gained twenty pounds and has a soccer mom bob. Set your interests to include all genders and be amazed at how much of the football team was closeted.

3. Trolling and Entertainment
Realistically, there is nothing like a good trolling session. Plop down on the couch with your cousins or siblings ñ who are old enough for some PG-13 language and have some fun. Swipe right on everyone that’s seemingly interesting and go nuts.

Throw out your cheesiest or most vulgar pick-up lines and see what happens. Troll the girl who wouldn’t give you the time of day in high school. Consult the internet for some funny stuff to say. I promise that there are infinite possibilities you can copy from the internet. And just sit back and see what happens. You might find yourself in need of a dose of humor after hanging around your family for several straight days or in some cases weeks on end.

Want more reasons on why you should Tinder during the holidays? Then check out the video!